Posted: June 10, 2016

Di Carta / Papermade 2 December 13, 2015 - February 28, 2016

Biennale Internazionale di Carta: ethics and aesthetics, hendiadys or antithesis?
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“Definitely hendiadys; and a defence of the title “emergence”.

If ethics is the judgement of right action, and aesthetics is an agreement as to the rightness of things in relation to each other, then both ethics and aesthetics proceed from the same human need for order in the world. One could argue whether the order is discovered or imposed. Is it a stable ideal or is it constantly remade in consideration of many variables? Does it matter which?

I would argue that it does matter; that we must be constantly attentive to the systems we impose on an unruly world lest we become blind to the important bits that do not fit; and that the unruly world has a vital complexity that escapes even the most elegant systems we discover in it.

Knowledge is always emergent: add new information and it must re-form. So find the pattern, delight in it, use it as a guide to right action or a beautiful painting, but be aware that the system itself can suggest competing truths, that there is always more to know about the wild world, and that new information could well change everything.”

Meg Brown Payson